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The official podcast feed for all shows.  BOF founded in 1998 by Bill "Jett" Ramey

Discussion of Batman on film, on television, in comics, in animation, in games, in literature, and in pop culture -- with the spotlight on The Dark Knight's cinematic endeavors.  

BATMAN ON FILM -- Authoritative. Definitive. The Original.  Est. 1998.

Jun 18, 2022

Welcome to episode #198 of the Batman On Film Podcast! On this GIANT-SIZED SPECIAL join host Garret Grev and fellow BOF Senior Contributor Ryan Lower as they put on their finest purple suits, fill up the acid in their poison shooting boutonnières, and grab their trusty crowbars for a discussion on the live-action adaptations of The Harlequin of Hate, The Ace of Knaves, The Jester of Genocide, The Clown Prince of Crime...THE JOKER!

Also in this episode: