Jett moves to the role of producer and Rick Shew steps into the host's chair for BOF's first STAR WARS podcast. 

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Jett, Rick, Justin, and Ryan -- along with guests Zaki Hasan and Bryan Chatlien -- talk about the coolness of Billy Dee Williams voicing Two Face in THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE.  And is the solo Batfleck Batflick coming to theaters in July of 2018?


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On the Thanksgiving 2016 BOF Podcast, Jett, Rick and Ryan answer questions from the BOF mailbag and answer an important question: Is it "stuffing" or "dressing?"

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Jett, co-host Rick Shew, and the "BOF Roundtablers" -- Justin Kowalski & Ryan Hoss -- answer questions from BOF readers and podcast listeners.

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Jett, Rick and Ryan discuss the DCEU with writer/filmmaker Neil Turitz from THE TRACKING BOARD.

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Jett and the "BOF Roundtablers" -- Justin Kowalski and Ryan Hoss -- review BATMAN: RETURN OF THE CAPED CRUSADERS, as well as discuss the latest DCEU/world of Batman news!

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In this "emergency" episode of the BOF Podcast, Jett and Rick react to the news that THE FLASH has lost yet another director.  And what does that mean for the future of the DCEU?

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It's looking like Ben Affleck's solo Batman film is indeed being readied for a 2018 release.  Jett, Rick, Justin, and Ryan discuss that topic and much more!

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Jett, Rick, Ryan and Justin rap up BOF's BATMAN DAY 2016 podcast by discussing "My favorite Batman ___."

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BOF celebrates BATMAN DAY 2016!  In part 2 of our BATMAN DAY '16 podcast, Justin and Ryan rank the Batman films and the panel discusses.

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