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The official podcast feed for all shows.  BOF founded in 1998 by Bill "Jett" Ramey

Discussion of Batman on film, on television, in comics, in animation, in games, in literature, and in pop culture -- with the spotlight on The Dark Knight's cinematic endeavors.  

BATMAN ON FILM -- Authoritative. Definitive. The Original.  Est. 1998.

Jul 24, 2019

BOF founder and editor-in-chief Bill “Jett” Ramey — yours truly — hosts this edition of the BATMAN ON FILM PODCAST with very special guest, Michael Uslan!

As promised, Mr. Uslan returned to talk about all the Batman love that was found at Comic-Con in San Diego this past week! Such as...

Batman is the first...

Jul 16, 2019

BOF's founder and editor-in-chief -- Bill "Jett" Ramey -- is joined by a very special guest -- Michael Uslan -- to discuss the 30th anniversary of BATMAN (1989), Batman's 80th anniversary in 2019, Matt Reeves' THE BATMAN, and more!



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Jul 4, 2019

In this ALL-VILLAIN episode of the BOF Podcast, host Ryan Hoss is joined by Eric Holzmann, Garret Grev, and Ryan Lower to discuss the latest news and rumors for Matt Reeves' upcoming Batman solo film, and then have an in-depth discussion and ranking of the villains in the Burton/Schumacher Batman films!