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Thanks for listening to the BATMAN-ON-FILM.COM Podcast!

Discussion of Batman -- on film, on television, in comics, in animation, in games, in literature, and in pop culture -- by the founder of BOF, Bill "Jett" Ramey, co-host Rick Shew, and the "BOF Roundtablers" Justin Kowalkski and Ryan Hoss.

Oct 19, 2020

BOF's Founder/EIC Bill "Jett" Ramey is joined by Senior BOF Contributor Peter Verra on episode #69 of the BOF Vlog.

Will Matt Reeves' THE BATMAN be more "grounded" than THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY? Jett 100% believes so. Does Pete? The two discuss!

Also, on the agenda is DC's FUTURE STATE, the weather, sports, tailgating,...

Oct 13, 2020

Host Rick Shew is joined by guests Bob Cesca and Freebass to discuss the legacy of Eddie Van Halen.

Sep 14, 2020

In this episode of the BOF Podcast, host Ryan Hoss is joined by Peter M. Verra and Rob Myers of the Everyone Loves the Drake Podcast to discuss DC FanDome Day 2: Explore the Multiverse!

The following panels are discussed:

  • Three Jokers
  • Batwoman TV Show
  • Superman and Lois TV Show
  • Joker War
  • Death in The Family...

Sep 3, 2020

Rick Shew hosts this edition of the Podcast and is joined by guests Bob Cesca and "Freekbass" to discuss the current and future of Batman in live-action cinema.  A very special guest makes a brief cameo!

Aug 27, 2020

BOF's founder/EIC -- Bill "Jett" Ramey -- is joined by senior BOF'er Peter Verra to recap DC FanDome 2020 -- and talk about that AWESOME first trailer for THE BATMAN!